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Send, share, transfer, exchange and receive large files easily

filesio is a professional online service for sending, sharing and receiving large documents. It is the modern and secure alternative to FTP upload and e-mail attachement.

Using your central online storage space at filesio, you can send and receive files to and from business partners or clients.

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Online Storage Space

filesio is your central data storage. It is accessible from everywhere, using the administration screen of filesio. You can store as many files as you want with a size up to 5GB per file. In order to interact with your online storage, the only application you need is your web browser - no FTP software or other apps.

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User Accounts

Create user accounts for team members, business partners or clients. An account can be linked with one or more files, it can be protected by a username/password combination or it can have a time limit. It is possible to control the maximum number of uploads and downloads, too.

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Send, receive, transfer and exchange large files online

Sending and Receiving Files

By using their accounts, your partners now can access your online storage space and download exactly the files you shared with them. Furthermore, they can use the upload functionality of an account to send files directly to you.
Either you use our so-called "Widget" to embed the dialog for file exchange directly into your own website. You need no programming skills to do this. Or you simply send an "account link" to your partners, which leads to an individual site provided by filesio that can be easily customized with your logo and text.

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What our clients say

"We use filesio to send product updates and demo versions to our clients. It works fast and easy, directly from our website. Thanks to filesio we can completely do without sending CD-ROMs, a fact that saves us a considerable amount of money and effort."

Michael Heilmann
Heilmann Software & Service
Alternative to FTP, File Transfer
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