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filesio is a online service for freelancers and small to medium sized enterprises.

All functions in detail

Online Storage Space
  • Unlimited data storage, saves any number of files for an arbitrary time
  • Allowed file size: up to 5 GB per file
  • All types of files are allowed - videos, pictures, PDF documents, program files, ZIP-archives, ...
  • Meta information can be added to any file
  • Easy replacement of a file with a newer version
User Accounts for Clients or Business Partners
  • Creation of any number of user accounts to access documents or to upload files onto your online storage space
  • Accounts can be protected by a username and password and/or time limit
  • The number of allowed downloads per user account can be limited to avoid unnecessary traffic
  • Detailed information like contact data can be linked to an user account
  • Credentials and the account link can be sent automatically
Sending and Receiving Files
  • For each account, an individual website is created (account page) to access this account
  • The account page can be customized with an own logo and text
  • No speed limits for upload or download
  • No limit for traffic either
  • No advertisements anywhere, we are a legitimate service
  • Secure file transfer using a encrypted connection (SSL)
  • Notification system for download- or upload-notifications by e-mail
Widget for other Websites
  • Alternative to the account page
  • Integration of filesio in your own website
  • Your clients and business partners interact with your website, but the uploads and downloads are handled by our powerful servers
  • Widget can be fully configured regarding both color scheme and content
  • No programming skills are needed, code for integration is generated by our system
  • Accounts can be linked with a widget automatically
  • Graphical statistics
  • Illustration of used disc space
  • Visualization of up- and download traffic
  • Information on account activities, number of uploads and downloads per account, date and time of last upload/download etc.
  • File statistics - number of downloads per file, files accessed most often, ...
  • As soon as you log in, all data is transferred using an encrypted connection (HTTPS/SSL)
  • Uploads and downloads by your partners can be done using a secure connection, too
  • Files are protected from unauthorized access (they are not stored on the web server directly), they are only available when shared over an account
  • Download-URLs are valid for only few seconds
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