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Send, exchange and receive large files.

Our professional service for sharing large files with business partners or clients is
the easy, modern and secure alternative to FTP upload and e-mail attachement.

Exchange files with business partners and clients

How it works

File exchange for freelancers and small enterprises filesio is your central online storage space. You can upload and share files yourself or you can receive and store files from others.
Share large files online Create individual user accounts for your clients or business partners, allowing them to download or upload certain files.
Share files on the web as alternative to FTP For each account, you get an unique link that you can send to your partner. Or just embed the dialog for file exchange into your own website!
Send and receive large files Using their accounts, your partners now can download the file(s) you shared with them. Furthermore, they can send (upload) files onto your online storage, too.
Send huge files professionally The files stay stored on your online storage space at filesio. It is possible to share and access them again and again.

Our plans

  • Basic-Account - always free, limited file size.
  • Pro-Account - no limits in upload or download, thanks to our "Pay what you use"-principle you pay just the storage space you use - you won't find that anywhere else!

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Your possibilities

  • Manage your files in a comfortable way using the online file manager
  • Create individual user accounts for your team members, business partners or clients
  • Add a time limit to your accounts to let them expire after a certain period of time
  • Control the maximum number of uploads and downloads
  • Protect your files and allow secure downloads with SSL (HTTPS) Send, receive, transfer and exchange large files online
  • Add your logo to the account page or embed the dialog for file exchange into your own website Alternative to FTP, File Transfer
  • Exactly see who accessed your files by using the download statistics Exchange files with business partners and clients

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