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The account types compared to each other

Basic-Account Pro-Account
Max. file size per document 30 MB unlimited
Max. online storage 100 MB unlimited
Upload and download traffic per month 270 MB unlimited
Duration of storage 30 days since last download unlimited
Basic functions
Exchanging files securely (SSL and encryption)
Online file manager
Sending files
Password protection and limits for workspaces
Download notifications
Exclusive features
Full file exchange incl. receiving files
User defined logo for workspace page
Widgets to embed filesio on your own website
Enhanced statistics for files and workspaces
Storage space per day free 0.03 Cent per MB
Traffic for sending and receiving files free 0.3 Cent per MB
Traffic for own uploads and downloads * free free
Mode of billing - Account in credit
Contract obligations - none
Method of payment - Online bank transfer **, PayPal
All prices are in Euro and include 19% VAT
* Traffic for own uploads and downloads is the traffic that is caused by uploading or downloading files to or from filesio using the administration screens. Of course, you can do this as often as you want without being billed for it!
** Online bank transfer via our partner micropayment is available for customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium.
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When you register at filesio, you always start with the free Basic-Account.

If you like filesio and want to use the enhanced features like unlimited file size or receiving files, you can upgrade your account at any time. Of course your files, workspaces and settings will be kept.

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Create a free Basic-Account just now and feel free to test our service.
Create a free Basic-Account just now and feel free to test our service.